Your First WIC Appointment

Each Person Applying for WIC must come to the clinic for their appointment.

Your First WIC Appointment


What to Expect at WIC

WIC provides more than food. WIC supports moms and moms-to-be with breastfeeding help, nutrition education, and referrals as their children grow. Watch the video to learn what to expect at WIC.

What to Take to Your WIC Appointment

  • plus sign minus sign Each person applying for WIC.

    Each Person Applying for WIC must come to the clinic for their appointment. Please bring an extra diaper for infants and toddlers because they need to be weighed in a clean, dry diaper.

  • plus sign minus sign Identification for all family members applying for WIC.

    If you are on WIC bring the Texas WIC EBT card and identification for any NEW family members applying for WIC.

    If you are not on WIC bring identification for yourself and each person applying for WIC. Any of the IDs listed below are acceptable:

    • Medicaid, SNAP, or TANF form / letter
    • Driver’s license
    • Social Security card
    • Foster placement letter
    • Picture I.D. (school, employee, or official)
    • Military I.D.
    • Passport or immigration records
    • Immunization record
    • Birth certificate
    • Crib card, hospital discharge papers, or hospital I.D. bracelet
  • plus sign minus sign Proof of where you live.

    Bring one of the following with your name, street address, city, state, and zip code. WIC cannot accept P.O. boxes as proof of residence.

    • Medicaid, SNAP, or TANF form / letter
    • Utility (light, water, or phone) or credit card bill
    • Foster placement letter
    • Business letter
    • Rent receipts, agreement, or a letter from the landlord
    • Letter from a homeless shelter

    If you live with someone and do not receive mail at their address, bring a signed letter from the person you live with stating their name, address, and phone number, AND a document such as a light, water, phone, or credit card bill addressed to the person who signed the letter.

  • plus sign minus sign Proof of income for everyone in the household.

    Bring all sources of income. Examples include:

    • Medicaid, SNAP, or TANF form or letter (dated the same month as your appointment)
    • Paycheck stubs dated within 30 calendar days of your appointment (example: weekly pay, bring four paycheck stubs)
    • Social Security benefits statement
    • Tax return IRS 1040
    • Unemployment insurance benefit statement
    • Child support (e.g., court papers or history of payments)
    • Worker’s compensation statement
    • Retirement income statement
    • If you receive financial support from someone who lives outside of your household, bring a signed and dated letter from the person or social service giving support with their name and the amount and type of support given.
  • plus sign minus sign Immunization Records for infants and children, if available.

    WIC staff will screen immunization records and refer your family to a provider if needed.

If you don’t have any of the items listed or have questions, call the WIC clinic to find out what you should bring to your appointment.

What Happens at Your Appointment

At the office, WIC staff will:

  1. Look at your proof of income for your household.
  2. Ask a few questions about your family’s health and nutrition habits.
  3. Weigh, measure, and check iron status for you (if pregnant) or your child.

If you qualify, you’ll get a food package specially designed to meet your needs, and a Texas WIC card to use at the grocery store. It keeps track of your WIC food benefits and works just like a debit card.

If you have any questions or have a special situation, call or go by the office before your appointment so they may assist you.

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