WIC Shopping

You can buy as much or as little of your food benefits as you want.

WIC Shopping


Get ready to shop with WIC


Use your shopping guide, shopping list and WIC card to shop for your WIC foods.
Scroll down for WIC shopping common questions and videos.

Get ready to shop with WIC

Look through your Texas WIC Shopping Guide to learn which brands and sizes of food you can buy with your Texas WIC Card. 

Infant Formula Guide (English/Spanish - PDF, 376 KB)

Your Texas WIC Shopping List shows how much of each food you can buy each month. All eligible family members’ WIC foods are added together and printed on your shopping list.

If you forgot or lost your shopping list or receipt, a store cashier can print a receipt with your current balance.


Use the myWIC app to check your benefits, view the Texas WIC shopping guide, scan items at the store to see if they are WIC approved and more!

Paying with your Texas WIC Card

Your Texas WIC Card works like a debit card and keeps track of your food benefits for each month. Take your WIC card to each WIC appointment so staff can reload your benefits. You can use your WIC card at over 2,000 authorized grocery stores throughout Texas. Find a store where you can pay with your WIC card here: Store Finder

Use all your benefits before the end of the month. Food benefits left on your WIC card don’t roll over to the next month.

If your card is lost or stolen, call 800-942-3678 to protect your benefits and cancel your card. It can take up to three days to replace your card at the WIC office.

What happens at checkout?

  1. At checkout, tell the cashier you are using a WIC card.
  2. Insert the card into the reader and enter your PIN.
  3. Leave the card in the reader until told to remove it.
  4. The cashier will provide you with two receipts.
  5. One receipt shows your starting balance, and the other shows which items will be removed from your card.
  6. Check the items on the receipts and press approve to complete your transaction. 
  7. Save your receipts!


There are three ways to shop for WIC foods.

1. Look for the Pink WIC Sticker

For some WIC foods, you will need to look for the pink “WIC Approved Item” sticker on the grocery store shelves. Stores use these stickers for these four WIC foods to show you which brands to buy when shopping at that store. 

  • Milk
  • Cheese
  • Juice
  • Whole wheat bread

For example, if you are shopping for milk you will need to first check your shopping list to see what type of milk you can get. Then, look for the pink sticker. 

2. Choose These Brands

Some WIC foods are brand specific. Your WIC Shopping Guide lists the approved brands and package sizes you can choose from for these foods:  

  • Breakfast cereal
  • Baby cereal
  • Oatmeal
  • Yogurt
  • Soy milk
  • Tofu

3. Choose Any Brand

For some WIC foods, you can buy “any brand.” Check your WIC Shopping Guide to see which package sizes and varieties you can choose from when you shop for:  

  • Peanut butter
  • Eggs
  • Beans
  • Brown rice
  • Canned fish
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Baby food fruits and vegetables
  • Lactose-free, dry and evaporated milk
  • Whole wheat tortillas
  • Corn tortillas
  • Whole wheat pasta

WIC Shopping Common Questions

Texas WIC Shopping Videos

Getting Started
This video describes what you need to bring to the store to do your WIC shopping, how to use your Texas WIC shopping list and introduces the myWIC app.

Milk and Yogurt
Learn how to find the milk and yogurt that matches your Texas WIC benefits.

Other Milks
Learn how to find lactose-free, soy, dry powdered, evaporated or Kosher milk that match your Texas WIC benefits.

Cheese and Eggs
Learn how to choose the cheese and eggs that you can buy with your Texas WIC benefits.

Bread, Tortillas, Rice, Oatmeal and Pasta
Learn how to choose the bread, tortillas, rice, oatmeal and pasta that you can buy with your Texas WIC benefits.

Breakfast Cereal
Learn how to choose the breakfast cereal that you can buy with your Texas WIC benefits.

Fruits and Vegetables
Learn how to choose which fresh, frozen and canned items that you can buy with your Texas WIC benefits.

Learn how to choose a juice that you can buy with your Texas WIC benefits. Pay attention to bottle size! 

Beans and Peanut Butter
Learn how to choose the beans and peanut butter that you can buy with your Texas WIC benefits. 

Baby Food
Learn how to choose which baby foods you can buy with your Texas WIC benefits.

Canned Fish
If you are a fully breastfeeding mom, you can get canned tuna or salmon from WIC! Learn about which canned fish you can buy with your Texas WIC benefits.

Checking Out
Learn about using your Texas WIC Card at checkout.

Learn what to do if your store is sold out of their WIC item, an item doesn’t scan as WIC approved or your WIC card is lost or stolen.

Learn about using your WIC foods, food safety, family meals and recipes.

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